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Who We Are
We’re a mother-daughter real estate team who are passionate about helping families achieve their goals. With a specialty in residential real estate, J and M Realtors provide award-winning service to our clients. We’ll pair you with the best property for your needs, or help you sell your home quickly.

Our Philosophy
We sell spaces made for living life. We market homes to accommodate families of all sizes. We handle all the complex stuff so that you can enjoy the process of buying or selling your home.


What are the main locations you service?
Eastvale and Ontario Ranch

Why do you do what you do?
Prior to joining real estate, J learned enough about it on her own and naturally fell into it. M grew up staring at blue prints of log cabins imagining which room was hers. They decided to pursue it as a career together in 2012. They have lived in Chino Hills for 20 years and Eastvale for 12 years. They love the area, are knowledgeable of neighborhoods, and are proud to call it home. They want to share the new town of Eastvale and Ontario Ranch with others to show what a great community it is for all, especially young families.

When did you start your real estate careers?
We both started in 2012.

What sets you apart from other real estate agents?
Helping families look for a new home is an exciting time, but also a stressful and emotional time. J and M are proactive in their work so as to relieve their clients from any additional worries or stress. They are honest and trustworthy. J has her Bachelor’s degree in Business. M has her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Master’s in Education. M earned her excellent customer service skills from her prior employment in Sales at the Ritz-Carlton. Being a team, there is always one of them that is available. They are the perfect blend of Type A and Type B to make your transaction organized and fun.

What are your specialties?
We have worked with buyers and sellers of condos, single family homes, horse properties, churches, and everything in between. J is married to a Pastor in Eastvale, and she has managed several church building projects. Through this experience, she has developed close working relationships with Eastvale city officials.

Best phone number to reach you at for clients?
J: 951-206-9496; M: 808-268-6446

Why is there a pineapple in your logo?
Historically, any guest who was invited to a party where a whole pineapple was displayed knew that no expense was spared in guaranteeing the guests’ enjoyment. It was this that made the crowned fruit the high symbol of social events and became the meaning of welcome, friendship, and hospitality. (Plus, see next question.)

Do you have any hobbies?
We love all things Hawai’i. J has been 19 times (and counting) and M lived on the island of Maui for 2 years. If you have any questions on your next visit there, they would love to help you with your itinerary. We are also currently pursuing our Hawai’I real estate license to help Californians purchase their vacation homes. Aloha and Mahalo.

When M isn’t working, she’s chasing around her 2 littles or “helping” her husband with the garden. J doesn’t stop working. In her free time, she is still working. She does, however, love leading the children’s ministry at her church, vacationing with her husband, and spoiling her 3 grandbabies.